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We have a vast experience in the production of the following products:

  • Endovascular Products (PTCA, PTA, angiographic, other catheters)
  • Large Balloon Catheter Assemblies for various medical procedures
  • Foley Catheters, Single and Double Balloon
  • Electro-Mechanical Devices
  • Irrigation / Aspiration Valve Systems
  • Suction Devices for Surgery
  • Collection, Irrigation and H.A. Bags
  • Irrigation Trays
  • Various Medical Procedure Trays
  • Blood Transfusion Sets
  • Dialysis Bloodline Sets
  • Diagnostic Kits
  • IV Sets, Burette Sets and Meter Sets
  • Suture Processing
  • Irrigation Syringes
  • Urological Trays
  • Others